Ship Crews

Navigating Opportunities for Myanmar Seafarers

Human Power SRPS — Seafarers Placement and Recruitment Service is dedicated to opening a world of maritime opportunities for talented Myanmar seafarers. Our agency has been a pioneer in placing Myanmar ship crews in diverse roles, including the coveted position of Ship Security Guards onboard prestigious passenger cruise ships such as Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Recruiting of Ship Crews

We provide a full range of personnel from officers and engineers to rating crews who are holding certificates of competency as per STCW’95 rules. Our agency remains dedicated to expanding opportunities and forging partnerships. Thus, if you are looking for excellent crews for your vessels, we are excited about the potential to continue sending Myanmar ship crews.
We supply the well trained-qualified, Myanmar nationality Seafarers (Officers/ Engineers & Ratings) with reasonable salary. Our crews have long-term experiences on the various type of foreign going merchant vessels (including bulk carriers, tankers, containers as well as passenger vessels).
We also guarantee the competency of our selected officers & engineers and rating crews with full responsibility. We have in our register a good choice of licensed certified & experienced seafarers for chemical, liquid, oil gas tankers, bulk carriers, reefers, containers, dry cargo, passenger ships, Ro-Ro, general cargo and fisheries.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

The attainment of ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our dedication to excellence. This internationally recognized standard validates our meticulous approach to quality management, continuous improvement, crews and customer satisfaction.

Documents and Certificates

Our stringent procedures avoid the risk of inappropriate or inadequate crew documents delaying your vessels in ports. We ensure that
a) Documents and certificates of the seafarers are valid for the term of the contract at minimum.
b) Training and certificates comply with IMO, ILO, and STCW’95/98 convention as amended and ISM Code and that the training and certificates are proper for the crew positions and type of vessels for which seafarers have been hired.
c) Crews posses the appropriate flag license and corresponding special qualifications, statutory certificates and other requirements of the vessel’s Flag Registry Administration.
d) Seafarers are oriented on the policies and procedures of the company and the safety management system on the vessels.

Benefits of our services to Ship owners

Flexible and fast in our decision making, quick to respond to requests and available to participate at any time.
  • Providing these services has given us an insight into government departments and agencies and the experience and contact to successfully negotiate on behalf of principals.
  • We also fully appreciate how vitally important it is to provide extra special and personal attention from every outset in order to establish both trust and truly close long term partnership with our valued clients.
  • The time-consuming task of recruiting, screening, interviewing, selecting, hiring is assumed by us leaving you more time for other areas of Management that contribute to your company’s financial success.
  • We will provide our services in accordance with a quality assurance system in compliance with ISM code. All services we offered will consistently meet and exceed the requirements of the clients.
  • These are our assurance you will be working with a group that is permanent, secure and reliable.

Recruitment, Screening and Selection

Our computerized system matches seafarers who are available to vessels they previously worked on, and you benefit from re-employing crews familiar with your vessels, your procedures and your policies. Before a new name can be added to our database, the seafarer’s qualifications and experience are verified and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organizations to ensure they are true. Additionally, the seafarers professional attitude and behavior is assessed through our personal interviews. While selecting the crews we make sure that training and certificates comply with IMO and STCW’95/98 convention as amended and ISM code. We are in an excellent position for recruitment of all grades/ratings. While selecting seafarers we see that they are also adaptable to any other nationals, customs, manners and creed.

Human Resources Development

We have a policy of undertaking reference checks wherever possible, before introducing applicants for prospective employers. Like a compass, finding quality and productivity of Human Resources is one of the most important factors in the success of a company. In order to improve the value of Company Human Resources play a significant role to gain the competitive edge in this era of globalization. The role of human resources developments has become more important from day to day. Some of important factors in human resources development are:  
  • Recruiting the qualified human resources
  • Setting their human resources in the right position, which suit their skill and ability the right person in the right place.
  • Improving the quality of human resources with training to prepare ready to use personal who are confident in their field.
  • Allocate the resources necessary to reduce the contracted services.

Our Business Policy

  • We provide ship management services distinguished in crew management.
  • We provide high quality services and have this monitored by a quality assurance system.
  • We will neither participate in any practices which are unsafe to principals known to involve themselves in such practices.
  • We shall always respect the confidentiality of each owner’s business and activity.
  • We are in business to make profit.
  • We will keep proper records and shall demonstrate that the services conform to the quality system.
  • We recognize that human resources both on shore and on board are key elements in a quality operation.
  • We want continuously to improve our performance by promoting professionalism and skills and motivating the employees on levels to develop and to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Organization and Systems

  • We aim at achieving high performance in the management function by having a clear organizational structure with defined responsibilities and authorities.
  • We will continuously work to improve its different management system. Particular attention shall be paid in increasing the use of data technology in management, information and communication systems.

Our Experience

We have experienced staffs in fulfilling crew requirements who have vast knowledge of interviewing, training and handling the documents of seafarers and crews. By advanced company operating methods and management, response time to ship owners’ need is shortened through a computer system that matched seafarers to a company and its vessels. Our database contains particulars of vessels they have worked on. The checking and verification methods we use make certain the seafarers we supply possess the training, skills and qualification as stated in their certificates and licenses and they meet the STCW’95/98 convention standards as well as the ISM Code. Using our database, our company has supplied full crews for dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, product tankers, oil tankers, cruise liners, high speed passenger ships to the world-wide Shipping Companies.

Pre-Employment Medical Clearances

Before employment we make sure that seafarers must have a medical clearance from medical centers accredited with local Seamen Employment Control Division (S.E.C.D).

Examinations and tests are:-
Physical examination, chest x-ray, blood count, blood type, urinalysis, stool examination, dental check, psychometric examination, visual acuity and color perception using the Ishihara test, eudiometry, speech test and an electrocardiogram for those aged 40 and above or when recommended by the examining physician.
Test can be added including drug and alcohol, aids, hepatitis antigen, kidney and bladder ultrasound, and others a company requires, as well as vaccinations for seafarers on vessels trading in specific areas.


Dispatch date Notice of 15 days is normal to dispatch a full crew to a port. War zones take longer to meet an emergency that is, notice of only three days. We maintain record of stand-by a complete crew list of all ratings. >However, arrival time at a joining port may vary depending on visa requirement of the country. In case Myanmar Seamen require visa for any country, we require the following
  • Guarantee Letter (LG) from the appointed shipping company/port agent.
  • Letter of Invitation (LoI) from the appointed shipping company/ port agency
  • Flight Ticket
  • Visa process fees.

Engaging Crew

If any company wants our service of HPMS in connection with the supply of required crews they may contact us to discuss in the matter. Once we and the principal have reached an understanding, a Manning Agreement and a Special Power of Attorney must be executed by the Principal signed by the Company’s Managing Director or authorized representative and sent to us.
Upon Completion of the Agreement the company should send to us on its Company Letter Head, a letter addressed to the Seamen Employment Control Division (S.E.C.D), Ministry of Transport, Government of the Union of Myanmar, appointing us as their authorized manning agent.