Our Services


At Human Power Overseas Employment Agency, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to employers, fostering successful overseas placements and contributing to global workforce development. Our services encompass:
Talent Sourcing:
We identify and present skilled candidates who align with your organization's requirements.
Screening and Evaluation
Our screening process ensures that the candidates we present are not only qualified but also possess the right attitude and cultural fit for your company.
Ethical Recruitment:
We prioritize fair treatment of candidates and ensure they are well-informed about their roles and responsibilities.
Logistical Support:
We assist with supporting work pass application documents, visa processing, immigration departure clearance, and other logistics, making the transition for hired candidates seamless and efficient with the guidance of foreign partnership agencies.
Post-Placement Follow-Up:
Our relationship doesn't end with placement. We maintain communication to ensure the success of the candidates and the satisfaction of your staffing requirements.
At Human Power Services Co., Ltd., our services are more than just transactions – they are pathways to empowerment, growth, and success. Join us in realizing your international career aspirations or haunting Myanmar candidates to enhance your organization’s strength and capabilities.